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Grant Collins ' 14,所有者/创始人

高级投资管理有限责任公司 is an investment advisory firm designed to help families implement strategic asset management into their investment portfolios. Our goal is to give you access to the most up to date research in finance and economics in a way that is accessible to you and practical for your portfolio. Our process is centered around understanding your financial goals and building a portfolio that aligns to those goals and the changing landscape of the economy. Traditionally, Financial Advisors examine your time horizon and risk tolerance to determine the appropriate asset allocations. 我们创建了高级投资管理公司,以便更深入. We believe your time horizon and risk tolerance are important, but we also incorporate economic and price data analysis to determine your appropriate investment mix. We do this because the economy is always changing, and your portfolio should too.

Contact: (270) 215-1955 Email Facebook

Location地址:725 Harvard Drive st #1, Owensboro, Kentucky, 42301

Alumni Discount: No.



行业:专业 & 业务服务 

LuTisha Buckner ' 15,所有者/创始人


Consulting services for political, community organizing, and social justice campaigns.

Contact: Email 

Location: 肯塔基州路易斯维尔市40街408号,邮编40212

Alumni Discount: No.


Stephanie, LLC的庆祝活动

Industry: 特别活动租金 & Planning 

Stephanie Wall ' 17 Whitfill,所有者/创始人


Stephanie, LLC是一家特殊活动公司. 我们提供照相亭租赁,婚礼协调服务 & 其他各种特别活动租赁. 我们相信庆祝!

Contact: (270) 993-6617 Email Instagram Facebook

Location地址:2234 Ponder Place, Owensboro, Kentucky 42301

Alumni Discount: Yes, Brescia alumni receive 10% off the total of their service.



Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain

Todd Mahooty ' 96,业主


At 乡村谷仓和更多, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of Wager Mini Barn Products. The Wagler Family has been manufacturing high quality buildings at the best price for over 30 years. 所有的建筑都是“手工制作的”, custom built” delivering our customers a quality building they will enjoy for many years. 如果你找不到你喜欢的东西, 告诉我们您的想法,让我们定制设计您的建筑.

Contact: (270) 297-9194 Email Facebook
Location: 5444 E. 印第安纳街,PMB 147埃文斯维尔,印第安纳47715
Alumni Discount: No.


Industry: Real Estate

Denise Jarboe ' 05,首席执行官

Serving buyers and sellers in Owensboro, Evansville, and surrounding areas!
Contact: (270) 993-6433 Email 
Alumni Discount是的,根据服务的不同而有所不同.

Fastek Services


Chris Murphy ' 08,所有者/创始人

Fastek Services is a Managed Service Provider based in Owensboro, KY. We become the IT department for your business so you can focus on what’s important while we handle the technology.

Contact us to discover how we can help you with all your technology needs.

Contact: (270) 240-2840 Email Facebook LinkedIn
Alumni Discount:是的,免费的网络安全漏洞评估




因为我们是消防员所有的 & operated, we are a Moving Company that you can trust with your property. 我们的目标是让您每次都能顺利操作, 无论你是搬整个家还是只搬一件东西. 今天预订一个无麻烦的搬家. Regardless if you are moving in Owensboro, or to another state, we can help you.
Contact: (270) 685-8355 Email Instagram Twitter Facebook
Location: 7800号144号公路菲尔波特,肯塔基州42366
Alumni Discount是的,10%的搬家折扣.




Family-owned and operated restaurant hidden in the beauty of Vastwood Park located in Hancock County! 菜单上有适合每个人的菜!
联系电话:(270)927-8075 Email Facebook

Greenwell Chisholm



Greenwell Chisholm is a family run business that has been serving the Owensboro community since 1919. Greenwell Chisholm is a full-service commercial printer specializing in print, mailings, 标牌和促销产品.
Contact: (270) 684-3267 Email Instagram Facebook
Location: 420 E. 帕里什大道,欧文斯伯勒,肯塔基42303
Alumni Discount是的,免费的平面设计咨询.


Industry: Construction

Stuart Lipscomb ' 14,业主

At Lipscomb, we help people when they have a water damage emergency. Our quick response to any size disaster ensures we are able to, document, 保护和减轻你的财产免受进一步的损害.

应用基督教价值观是我们的使命, building teams who provide excellent experiences and exceed customer expectations.

Contact: (270) 963-0547 Email Facebook
Alumni Discount是的,免费水分检验.

Natural Mystic专业产品

Industry: Natural Mystic专业产品 

Kuwayn Cain ’22

Natural Mystic works closely with Jamaican Farmers to produce products to enhance hair growth and preserve a smooth and healthy Skin. Natural Mystic is responsible for the export of tons of Jamaican Black Castor Oil to Europe and the UK.
Contact: (447) 932-2414 Email Instagram Twitter Facebook
Location: 英国伦敦文洛克路20-22号N1 7GU
Alumni Discount: No.



Kyle Wilgus ' 15, DC,所有者/创始人

欧文斯博罗阿特拉斯中心是一个放松, healing environment where individuals arrive with hope and leave expecting miracles through upper cervical chiropractic care. OAC commits to restoring the divine intelligence that lives inside the nervous system thus optimizing that God-given intelligence and allowing it to express itself to its fullest potential.
Contact: (270) 925-1553 Email Instagram Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
Location: 3032 Alvey Park Drive West Suite 100, Owensboro, Kentucky 42303
Alumni Discount是的,免费无义务会诊和神经检查. 


Industry: Design

Jason Kyle ' 96,所有者/创始人

红色像素工作室是欧文斯伯勒的一个设计团队, 肯塔基大学专攻网络, print, identity, 以及应用程序开发. Discover how we can help your organization successfully communicate your message and build a strong brand through beautiful and effective design. 
Contact: (270) 685-8355 Email Instagram Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
Alumni Discount: No.




American Chiropractic Association – Governor’s Advisory Cabinet, International Chiropractic Association – Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science, 国际小儿捏脊医学会, 脊骨疗法进展的基础, 被评为2022年最佳脊椎按摩师, 伯明翰最好的18位脊椎按摩师.
Location地址:Rocky Ridge Rd 2531, Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35243
Alumni Discount: No.

Rug Spa

Industry: Cleaning


地毯水疗中心是一个全方位服务的地毯护理设施. We take pride in helping you keep your rugs looking their best and smelling their freshest. We provide a full line of services designed to help extend the life of your rugs.
Contact: (866) 784-0023 Email Facebook 
Alumni Discount: Yes, 10% off.


Industry: Sports


We provide private soccer lessons to individuals 7 and older in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.
Contact: (202)556-3057 Email Instagram Facebook
Alumni Discount: Yes.


Industry: Apparel & Fashion


ThriftyOwensboro is dedicated to providing high-quality thrifted and vintage clothing. 大家可以在我们的Instagram和网站上找到我们. We also like to do pop-up shops in collaboration with local businesses as well as in surrounding cities such as Louisville, Bowling Green, and Evansville.
Alumni Discount: No.